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Zee colors Channel frequency on the NileSat 2019

Channel frequency of Zee colors on the NileSat 2019
Channel frequency of Zee colors on the NileSat 2019

The frequency of the channel Zai Alwan on Nilesat Frequency Channel Zee Alwan The new frequency of channel Zai Alwan after modification and change channel favorite for all viewers in Egypt and all the Gulf countries The channel offers a series of exclusive serials Channel shows serials in all parts is famous for providing dubbing or translation of the channel channel frequency The opening of "Zay Alwan" follows the launch of the Z-Film channel, which is dedicated to the screening of Indian films dubbed into Arabic 24 hours a day. Zay Alwan offers a variety of entertainment programs on cooking and yoga, carefully chosen to meet the tastes of Arab families. Zayoloon offers many of the most popular television programs selected for viewers in the Middle East, On 180 hours of special software per month

The channel, which broadcasts from Dubai and has an operating office in Saudi Arabia,
Indian TV channels on Nilesat offers the most powerful Indian series on the satellite NileSat channels of Indian drama has been the launch of the Indian drama on Nilesat frequency channel Ze colors bearing the slogan color of your life, a channel is very distinctive and high viewing rate, transmitted through the satellites Nilesat and Arabs Sat , And the most famous series of the series is the largest, which is strongly followed by the most powerful Indian series on the satellite NileSat channels of Indian drama has been the launch of Indian drama on the NileSat channel Zai Alwan on the NileSat

 Where the viewer turns on the channel in order to see the Indian culture that enables him to change his lifestyle and know the thinking of a country like India in the making of films and the feature films are dubbing any presentation in Arabic understood by the viewer and enables the viewer to understand the content of the film and integrate with the majority of people Prefer films dubbed foreign films translated because of the difficulty of translation fast may not be read by the viewer but dubbing is what he can hear what is happening as found in the film or the Egyptian series
Zay Alwan is the second free channel in Zee Entertainment Entertainment, the largest entertainment software provider in Asia, and offers a number of exclusive Arabic soap operas, along with several popular Indian and Turkish soap operas dubbed " Arabic,
During the press conference held yesterday at the Address Hotel in the city center, Mukund Kairi, Regional Manager of Zee Entertainment Enterprises in the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan, confirmed that the new channel was received during the pilot broadcast by the Arab audience in the Gulf, His company intends to officially promote the network of channel programs by focusing mainly on the show of Arabic programs and series.

He said: "The uniqueness of the channel by showing Arabic series produced in the Gulf and Indian productions Madbalijp will contribute to establish a new trend of the concept of family television entertainment in the region," It is clear through the short announcement that the company during the conference, the channel is full of Arab and Gulf series, "Hindustani", which is the first Saudi musical comedy, and the series "Girls of the University" the second part of the series "Girls secondary", which was shown in Ramadan 2011, and the series "daughters of the family" which was shown last Ramadan, while Indian series did not go away from the channel list, "Queen Jansi" who tells her story Warrior Princess Rani ACME Bay, and the series "promise", which reviews the lives of three sisters gather together after the death of their parents, and the series "Lali" who discovers the heroine positive side of life despite the suffering and misery of poverty conditions.

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Channel frequency of colors
Commenting on the event, Patrick Samaha, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Zee Alwan and General Manager of Z-Film in the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan, said: "The launch of Zi Alwan sets a new standard in the Arab TV industry as a focus On the display of family entertainment programs channel Zai colors channel free and unencrypted and broadcast from the UAE, characterized by dubbed movies, and also offers some of the horror films dubbed by many people, you can follow the channel Ze colors after the introduction of the link on the NileSat and the Arabs and make sure to enter it correctly, And enjoy color-coded paragraphs For variety, we wish fun to watch in uniform colors T

He added that the channel provides the opportunity for Arab creators to communicate their talents to the public. He pointed out that the marketing advantages of the channel lies in the diversity of its programs between family and entertainment programs.
"We are now reading the public's reaction to the new channel, the nature of its content, and for production it is too early to talk about it now, but that does not negate our intention to produce serials," he said in response to a question about the channel's production of its own dramas of the future. Commensurate with the direction of the channel and the nature of the requirements of the public. "
Zay Alwan TV Channel
News on frequency change starting from 1-10-2017

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