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Article Marketing: Getting Paid For Your Hard Work

 Article Marketing: Getting Paid For Your Hard Work

If you are like me and you write articles for a living, then you know that you must get paid for all of your hard work. Payment can come through customers who have hired you to write, through pay per click advertising, or through banner or text ads you place on your site next to your articles. Regardless of your approach, a consistent and methodical plan is necessary to have in place in order to make a living for all of your hard work. Please continue reading for some helpful tips to help you survive in this highly competitive business. 

  Submit Freely. 

Much of the work posted online bearing my name is freely shared. I do not get paid for what I write. I look at article marketing as a joint partnership between me and the article directory. They get my articles for redistribution and I get healthy back links to my site. In addition, the article directory can make money off of ads that show up next to my articles such as Google AdSense or Yahoo! Publishing Network type ads. Furthermore, I get my name out there and can point potential customers to the article directories to show them how prolific a writer that I am. Submit Jointly.

Some of the articles I have posted online are for clients. They have my name on them as my name is more visible than their name

I write as a “contributing writer” but I am a freelancer, not an employer. I get paid for my work and they get some decent links. Do Ghostwriting. 

The overwhelming number of articles I write are ghostwritten. In 2005, I submitted 450 articles to article directories, but another 1200 or so went directly to my clients. When I submit articles jointly, I retain the rights to having my name on the articles. When I ghost write, my customers get what I write and retain full rights to the articles. Guess who pays me more? Bring 'em on! Bill Immediately. 

You can write like crazy for paying customers but still end up broke. How? By not billing customers immediately. Whether you use direct billing, Paypal, or an “agent” such as Guru, you are penniless until the first invoice is paid. Come up with a plan to get your money as soon as possible too. You don’t want to have to wait for weeks unless you like being in the credit business!

  Keep Marketing. 

I have busy times I have slow times. During the slow times, I catch up on my paperwork and I write. During slow times I submit many articles to the article directories to keep my name out there. Regular submissions keep me “front and center” and help build up SEO for my site. Yes, I have my own site at where most of my best work is featured. Not every article, but those articles where I have full rights to them and ones I want my customers to look at when they review my portfolio. So, that’s it. Five simple tips to help you make a living from article marketing. If you are good at it, you will make a decent living writing for others. I doubt you will get rich unless article marketing ends up being a stepping stone to something else -- such as, writing your own Harry Potter style series of books!

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