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Boost Your Readership - How To Make Ezines Work For You

 Boost Your Readership - How To Make Ezines Work For You

I quickly learned that writing articles and submitting them to online publications was a great way to attract new readers and gain experience as a freelance writer. 

I have been fortunate to have several of my articles published on high trafficked websites and have made some wonderful new friends as a result of submitting my articles to these free ezines. 

Here's the resource box I include at the end of my articles: 

Rose DesRochers is a published poet and freelance writer. Rose has been writing poetry for more than 20 years. She is also the founder of, a supportive online writing community for men and women over 18. She is also the Assistant Administrator of 

What you are giving is your permission for the publisher to publish your article in exchange for a byline at the end of the article. The byline is about four lines of text about yourself, including a link to your website. 

Whenever I write an article, I first publish it on my own website and then submit it to ezines. Ezines will not take the time to edit your article, so make sure that you proofread it before submitting it. You may want to have someone else go over your article for errors before submission. 

Here are some ezines where you can publish your articles.

You may also wish to search through for publications that will be interested in the genre of articles that you write. 

Websites are constantly looking for free content to re-publish. Many webmasters search article directories such as in search of content to publish on their websites. The number of ezines online is growing everyday. I’m constantly receiving invitations to submit articles to new ezines. 

Writing and submitting free articles is a great way to gain exposure and increase your income when people want to hire you to write content for their websites. 

It won’t be long and you will be recognized as an expert in your field.

Branding, control and results - Submit Articles in Your Own Name

Article distribution is currently booming on the internet.
Authors do it for a number of reasons.
<li>It is a good way to be picked up by the search engines.
<li>The backlinks from your resource box can help your search
engine position.
<li>You have the possibility of secondary traffic if your
article is picked up by a popular website or ezine.
Various products and services have become available that
help you distribute your articles to the 100s of article
directories and mailing lists.

a) Software that speeds up maunal submission, or can in some
cases do this automatically.
b) Services that distribute articles in your name
c) Services that distribute articles on your behalf, but in
their own name.

<b>The Double Edged Sword</b>

Many people pay a premium rate for article distribution on
their behalf, without the worry of having to join various
article directory sites as a member, giving their own email
address, and receiving lots of emails from various Yahoo

Unfortunately what they don't realise is that often this
devalues their work.

1) In the author section on many sites, the name of the
distribution service will be shown, not that of the original
2) Author sections of many article directories are a unique
marketing venue. Many visitors will visit the author profile
before reading an article all the way to the bottom. Most
profiles could have one or more websites listed.
3) Within RSS feeds from the article directories, the
distribution service might be shown in the byline, not the
original author.
4) Many article directories allow an author to change or
modify their resource box. If an article was submitted using
an account owned by a 3rd party distribution service, that
avenue will be closed.

<b>Complete Control</b>

For authors who want complete control of their branding,
either submit manually, or use article submission software.
You will receive more emails, but can always have a special
email address for this purpose. Googles Gmail service I find
is an excellent choice.
Article Announcer and Article Submitter Pro are two examples
of such software.

<b>Limited Control</b>

Use an automated submission service that ensures you are the
author. There are services that signup for members to
directories on your behalf, using a username and password of
your choice.
One such service is Article Marketer.

<b>The Inconvenience</b>

You will have to confirm your membership to many
distribution points, and some will continue to send emails
containing articles from other people. Yahoo groups normally
allow you to select a digest mode, or to not receive emailed
articles at all.
Most of this is a <b>one time effort</b>, although you will have to
be on the lookout for important messages on the email
account you use.

<b>The Massive Gain</b>

They are your articles, and you should gain maximum benefit
from them.

Using article distribution is much like a varient of
Pareto's 80/20 rule. You potentially gain 80% effective
results compared to manual distribution, for 20% of the

However if your method of article distribution doesn't give
you all the possible credit for your articles, rather than
80% effectiveness, you might only be getting 60% or less.

Managing your own article distribution with tools
such as Article Announcer or Article Submitter Pro gives you
complete control to achieve your 80/20 goals.
A service such as Article Marketer which gives you full
credit, and reasonable control, might be 70% effective, for
10% of the work.

Refining your processes, and only using the most effective
method where it benefits you the most, you can maximise your
return for the work invested.

I use a combination of service and software for my own

Bringing Your Business Online Fast With Article Marketing

Planning to start up a business? You have to physically set up your business. Then you have to start advertising for your products or services - but this will only reach the people in the local vicinity, unless word of mouth of your business reaches other places or if you advertise nationwide through television or radio commercials. However, these options may be too expensive for a starting business. Either way, you can only reach a limited amount of consumers.

Bringing your business online may reap rewards you cannot even begin to imagine! There are a lot of advantages to bringing your business endeavors online. One of these is avoiding the costs of setting up a physical office or store. You don’t have to spend on rent for office space. Or pay monthly dues for the maintenance of your office like electricity and staff wages. There is also the hassle of traveling from your home to the office location, dealing heavy traffic and having to pay for transportation costs. With online opportunities for your business, you can be free from all of these. With the internet business industry growing, there will surely be a lot of progress in setting up your very own online business.

With having your own business online, you can reach even the farthest person on the planet. Physical distance is not a factor in dealing with clients online. Your clientele will not be limited to your locality compared to setting up a traditional offline business. Rather, your business will be accessible to clients all over the world as long as they can be connected in the internet.

One downside in setting up an online business is that people generally have a preference to look, feel, or test the product physically to check for their quality. They don’t easily trust the product’s description or pictures. People also have the liking to take strolls in malls. For them it is a leisurely activity for the whole family. Walking in malls is also a healthy form of exercise that people have come to enjoy over the years. This is an experience not felt when doing business online.

In order to get the people to transact in your business online, you have to properly and creatively write articles to draw these potential online customers in. This can be termed as article marketing. Article marketing involves the appropriate construction of articles to help online businesses, products, or services. It is somehow similar to online advertising, although the article used does not pose as an advertisement. Instead the article focuses on descriptions and other relevant information of the business, product, or service.

Articles should be written in such a way that online consumers will be drawn to your business. There are numerous guidelines for the creation of articles. This will be discussed by other topics or articles.

It is also important to develop the trust of the customers. Customers almost always seek assurances that their product of choice is of excellent quality. Plainly describing the products can just lead to doubts to some people, thinking that these are just sales talk. You should come up with articles that can help build the trust of the people. It’s up to your creativity to do that. Sometimes it takes more than words to build a trusting relationship.

Through article marketing you should be able to reach out to customers. The principle is not to wait for customers to come to your business, but rather bringing your business to them. The articles that you have for your business should contain all the necessary information these online consumers need to know. The articles should also be convincing enough to lure the online consumers to your business. Do not heavily focus on luring online consumers though. They might end up disappointed with your business to the point that they give bad reviews towards you. Try to keep your articles.

Article marketing involves the utilization of article directories where you deposit your articles. These article directories categorize your articles fittingly to their corresponding categories. Popular search engines also browse through article directories when an online user searches for relevant keywords. Your article should have the appropriate keyword for is to be located by the online user. And the better the article in terms of quality and popularity, the higher its priority and ranking in search engines and article directories. Articles are always vying for priority to get better exposure to the online community. It helps to know that your articles should be good enough to make online users read them and patronize them.

Always remember that the very core of your online business is through article marketing. Keep your potential customers well informed by writing articles. Both the buyer and seller will benefit form these articles. The buyer gets all the needed information regarding the desired product and the seller is able to sell the product and gains money.

Building An Online Business Is Like Starting A Garden, You First MUST Plant Your Seeds

I know what your thinking, "what the heck does starting a garden and planting seeds have to do with building an online business?"

Well... it all depends on how you perceive what I'm about to share with you.

I'm merely using that headline as an analogy to a Powerful marketing strategy that I use to send HIGHLY targeted traffic to my online business... Effortlessly, that almost every website on the Internet is hungry for.

Now, we all know that in order to be in business you need to either provide a Product and/or Service that cater's to an particular Niche.

That's the easy part to figure out.

The part that is usually the hardest with most online businesses is growing that business, and we both know that in order to grow your business online you need "TRAFFIC".

We've all experienced these growing pains, myself included.

And, finding a cost effective marketing strategy these days like the one I'm about to share with you takes a little time to learn, but, in the long run will benefit You and your business for years.

Here are just a few benefits you'll receive when you incorporate this marketing strategy into your existing online business...

1) It'll BOOST your websites "Link Popularity"...

2) It'll give YOU and your business INSTANT credibility...

3) It'll build TRUST with your potential customers...

4) It'll send your website Residual traffic for years...

... and best of all, it'll put You infront of thousands of HIGHLY targeted customers... for FREE!

Do any of those Benefits get you excited?

They sure get me excited simply because I know it works and well at that.

So, with that said, I'm sure your getting a little anxious to find out what these "SEEDS" are that I'm so fond of that will put your online business infront of thousands of HIGHLY targeted customers Absolutely FREE!

Are You Ready?


That's right... Writing Articles, in my mind, is one of the BEST and most cost effective forms of online promotion, no matter what business your in.


Read the BENEFITS I listed above one more time to refresh your memory.

Where else or what other marketing strategy online will give you a list of benefits like that.

And, the best part is... it doesn't cost You anything, and yet, almost every website owner online is starving for it.

Here's another quick reminder for you, why do you think they call the Internet... "The Information Super-Highway".

The Internet received that name for a reason because that is exactly what it IS.

All you need to do is supply the Information in the form of an well written "Article" and send it to related websites and/or newsletters around the web related to your particular Niche.

Just imagine for a minute, what one article or half a dozen articles, for that matter, would do for your online business?

You'll never know until You get started, so my suggestion to You is, start brain storming some article idea's about your Product or Service and write them down on a piece of paper.

Once you have a clear idea, "Start Writing".

So, there you have it, and that's why I stated... "Building An Online Business Is Like Starting A Garden, You First MUST Plant Your Seeds" in order for your online business to grow.

I truly hope you understand the importance of writing Articles and why they are considered one of the BEST forms of online promotion for your business.

Building Your List with Articles and Paid eZine Advertising

You can build your list simply by writing articles, whether you have thought of it or not.

Quite simply, you write and submit your articles on your topic of expertise or business nature to popular article directories where eZine publishers and readers are looking for the information you provide.

Leveraging your viral marketing efforts on article writing can be rewarding, if done right. In the real sense, you are actually proving your worth and demonstrating your expertise about your business through the articles you write.

So, how can this method in effect build your mailing list? The answer: the resource box you attach to your articles. In your resource box (also known as bio box), you include a brief detail about yourself and your business site together with its URL.

It is strongly suggested that your resource box URL links to your mailing list’s landing page where you can get your visitor’s name and email address, which will in turn help you build your mailing list at no cost.

If your articles are found worth sharing, eZine publishers will republish your articles together with your resource box for their readers and subscribers. The wonderful result: viral marketing without effort on your part!

You can start by writing and submitting your articles to trusted article submitter sites such as free article pro and begin your article marketing journey today.

You can also build list paid eZine advertising

Some Internet Marketers can get clueless when it comes to unleashing the full potential of paid eZine advertising. One of the most common dilemmas is that whether should the Internet Marketer advertise the product or service he is selling directly to the subscribers of the eZine he is paying advertising for?

This can be a wise method, but with ifs and buts. For one, the advertisement must be compelling and attention grabbing. Secondly, there is no telling if the eZine’s subscribers constantly practice a buying habit until you put some money to find out.

Investing even a small sum of money can be risky to a number of Internet Marketers who are on tight budgets. But in spite of the risk factors, eZine advertising can still be rewarding, if done right.

Thus the solution: the marketer would be wiser if he or she uses eZine advertising to build his or her mailing list. It makes sense, anyway. Since some eZines display more than one sponsored advertisement, you can grab the subscriber’s attention by giving a free or risk-free product or offer through your ad.

When the subscriber clicks on your ad, he or she can opt into your mailing list in exchange for the free offer, which can be a free report or even a trial service.

While you are not making a hard sell through your advertisement just yet, building your list by getting other eZine’s subscribers subscribed to your eZine allows you to follow up with them in the future, as and when you have new offers.

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