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Effectively Using Articles to Market

 Effectively Using Articles to Market

In the short history of Internet Marketing, using articles to sell has always been one of the best and easiest ways to market a business or website at little or no cost. This will hold true in the future just as it does now.

Article Marketing works with  a domino effect. One article is written, and it travels from your computer to several article banks, providing back links to your website. From there other website owners copy the article, with the authors information included, and publish it in their newsletters or on their websites. The article may even end up as part of a compilation for an informative ebook. 

The important thing is that the article spreads far and wide-or becomes viral. This accomplishes many things. This provides you with back links to your site, as mentioned above, which helps with search engine optimization. Since your author's information, or resource box as it is called, is at the bottom of the article, your website gains increased traffice and greater public awareness.

Writing articles accomplishes a couple more things that are important in ecommerce today. First, writing and distributing articles helps to establish you as an expert in your chosen topicand secondly, it helps to build a 'relationship' with people who read your articles, gaining their trust. 

Writing and distributing  at least one article per week to the various article banks is common with successful internet marketers. They may use articles that they wrote for their newsletters then offer them out for distribution.  If the business owners can not write well, or don't have the time to write their own articles, they typically hire some other writer to create the articles for them.

The articles that are distributed by successful people are informative and well written. These are not sales letters disguised as articles but instead are vehicles providing helpful information, with the author's information at the bottom, including a link to the website. This in turn gets readers to visit the marketer's websites.

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