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Get All That Your Words Are Worth With Article Submissions

 Get All That Your Words Are Worth With Article Submissions

Article directories have been around for years, offering content and information for webmasters, ezine writers and email newsletters. The benefits of submitting your writing to article directories are easy enough to understand:

1. You trade on your credibility as an expert – and increase it at the same time. When you write a short, informative piece about your business, your author’s biography gives you credibility – you know what you’re talking about because it’s what you do for a living. When your article is published on an independent web site like an article directory, though, your credibility increases – you’re now recognized as an expert by others. That encourages others to republish your article – and give you yet more credibility.
2. You leverage the popularity of the article submission site to boost the visibility of your article – with a link back to your web site. A link to your site from one of the most popular article directories can give your web site traffic a substantial boost. 
3. By making your article available for reprinting (as long as the author’s information with the link to your web site remains intact), you increase the visibility and the link popularity of your web site even further. 
4. If your article is picked up by a newsletter or ezine publisher, the link to your website goes out to potentially tens of thousands of people.

The end result is more traffic to your web site and more credibility, trust and sales for your company. 

The down side is that it takes precious time – and your time is a valuable commodity. Submitting your article by hand to even a dozen of the hundreds of article directories and ezine publishers can take several hours. Every directory service has unique formatting requirements. Some allow links in the article body – others only allow them in the resource box. Some allow you to use HTML to accent important points; others will only accept plain text. If you count those hours at your own rate of pay, your ‘free’ advertising could end up costing you a whole lot more than you expected.

The Easy Way To Make Your Words Work For You
The answer is to take one of two easy ways out – article submission services and article submission tools. Either one will simplify the process of getting your words out there where others can pick them up and spread the word about your company. 

- Article Submission Tools
You can purchase software that will do the actual submission for you. You’ll still need to configure the software to some degree, but once you have your article set up and your list of article directories set up, the actual submission process is as simple as clicking on a button.

- Article Submission Services
Article submissions services will submit your article for you at a set price per article. The best will cull the list of article directories and publishers to find the ones that will give your article the most visibility and submit it by hand to make sure that everything is done right. The personal touch can make the difference in whether an article is accepted on the first try – or at all. All you need to do is send them your articles – they’ll do the rest.

Whether you choose automation or the personal touch, you’ll find that the process of submitting your article to all the best directories is incredibly simple. Your company will reap the benefits of everything your words are worth.

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