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Live chat support, most excellent approach to get in touch with customers

Live chat support, most excellent approach to get in touch with customers

What is live chat support and how can it benefit customers? Live chat support is the easiest way to communicate with customers and to keep updated on their overall satisfaction or complaints if any. It is just like giving a human touch to the otherwise virtual world. A positive impression is created in the minds of the customer about the services and this feel good factor helps in increasing the sales and thereby customer base. The satisfied customers will definitely act as indirect marketing personal bringing in more traffic to your site. 

How can you make the customer use the live support feature? Not all people are ready to chat because of their time constraint. Knowing the customer’s mood and trying to offer a very friendly and casual chat is what is needed to keep the customer online.  Great communication skill is needed to keep the conversation going in a very interesting and friendly manner. Basic netiquette and clean mannerism counts a lot when it comes to dealing with angry or irritated customers. 

Not all customers might turn up with a smiley, there might be some unsatisfied customer or someone who is very confused. It is the job of the live support personal to patiently listen to the complaint and offer a very satisfying answer. Rude or harsh words can only make things worse which might end up in a customer loss. So every possible threat should be faced and tried to be rectified then and there. Words like, ‘I don’t know’, or ‘am not sure’ should be avoided at all cost as the customer might turn off without another question.

Always keep yourself informed and politely listen first to what the customer has to say. Then in a very relaxed and polite manner sought out the problem and help them to find the right solutions. When the customer report is not given proper attention then there is high chance of misunderstanding the statement and hence they might be confusion. Do not ever follow the blame game of abusing the customer for a problem. Patiently and very decently point out where and what went wrong. 

When to contact the customer for a live chat depends on the utility of the site. If the site deals with any travel or tour related subject the live chat personal can immediately offer his help to find the right travel plan for the customer. In other cases the customer must be given time to browse through the various products or services offered by the site. Due to lack of searching skills or the sites complex design customers might ignore the shopping cart and thus live chat can offer instant and timely help to hold the customer from migrating from the site. 

The live chat feature helps the organization to get instant feedback and have direct link to the customer clarifying their doubts on the products then and there and hence higher rate of customer satisfaction and better services are enabled. Thus a dedicated, patient and polite live support helps in redefining and rebuilding a strong customer base thereby increasing the revenue

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