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Make Your Articles Work Harder For You

Make Your Articles Work Harder For You

You probably already know how effective article marketing can be to drive traffic to your site and to improve your search engine rankings. You spend some time each month or even each week to write and submit articles. Now you can make them work even harder for you by reusing them. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Start out by combining several related articles into a free report. You can make this report available to your visitors and invite them to pass it on to friends and family. Of course you will have your resource box and several links to your site within the report. This can bring you a lot of traffic as the report is passed on from person to person. 

You can also mention a free e-course within your report and create an e-course that expands on the idea you discussed in the free report or build the e-course around a related topic. Load your e-course into an auto-responder and start building your subscriber list.

You are creating a valuable list of people that you can keep coming back to your site. You can also sell your own products and affiliate products to the people on this list. 

Take all the content you have compiled in your report and your e-course. Add some worksheets and flesh it out with some additional examples, tips and idea. Write an introduction to the topic and add a table of content. You know have an e-book that you can sell. 

Take the content from your e-book and teach a teleclass on the subject. This could be either a free teleclass or teleseminar, or a paid one. Make sure you record the seminar. You can combine your e-book along with the recording of the teleseminar, a transcript of the call and a workbook. You know have a multi-media e-course that you can sell as well. 

The basic idea is to reuse your content as many times and in as many ways as possible to make the most out of the time you spend writing articles. It all starts with writing a few related articles.

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