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Manual article submission service

Manual article submission service

Article marketing is becoming ever more popular with many webmasters starting to realise the many benefits of writing articles. The problem many of these people have is that they just do not have the time to write and submit these articles. This is where a service which offers manual article submissions can prove invaluable.

Article marketing directories and websites are reporting record numbers of submissions. With the search engines placing extra emphasis on one way backward links people are now spending more time writing these articles. This is an excellent way of potentially gaining these one way links.

Article submission service

As already stated not everyone has the available time to spend on article marketing. Out of this has bred a new service where people or companies are happy to submit your article to a number of these directories, which is normally at least fifteen, for a small fee. Many of these people also offer an article writing and submission service, where by they will not only submit your article, they will actually write it for you as well.

There is a site at which offers this service. They charge £7 to submit your article to twenty of the top article directories. These include,, and 

They also offer to write an article for you and then to submit it to the twenty article directories for £10.

As an additional bonus they also offer nine free backward text link ads, on some of their partner sites, after they have submitted ten articles for a person. These backward links include at least one link on a page rank five page and at least one link on a page rank four page. This alone is of huge value to anybody wanting an increase in traffic to their site or an increase in their sites page rank. People who are interested in obtaining the backward text links but who do not want the article submission service are able to purchase them for £50.

Article marketing is already becoming very popular, however I believe that in the future it will become much bigger and a must for anyone hoping to gain high rankings in the search engines.

My advice is to start writing now and if you do not have the time, hire someone to do it for you. Like most areas of life, hard work pays off. The internet is just the same, you should not expect instant results from writing just one article. If you are able to write around five to ten articles on average per week, you will find a massive difference to your site traffic after one year and even well before then. It might seem like hard work, however you get out of life what you put in.

I have been writing articles for around a year now and have submitted over two hundred thus far. I have been more than pleased with the results and only wish I had known about this form of site promotion years ago.

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