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Successful Article Marketing Strategies

Successful Article Marketing Strategies

Are you thinking about starting to write articles as a way of promoting your website? Are you looking for some advice about how to write a successful article? Have you a lack of belief in your ability to write an interesting article? Around a year ago I would have answered yes to all of these three questions but have now learnt quite a lot about article marketing. In this article, I give tips and advice to help other people to become successful article marketers.

I have now had around three hundred articles accepted at what I consider to be one of the main article directories, ezinearticles. At times, I have to admit that it can be quite a choir to think of a subject to write about, to then write the article and also to then submit the article to all of the major article directories. At other times, the words seem to just flow and it can be quite easy and even enjoyable.

The benefits of article marketing can be huge and I am happy to report that a lot of my articles have been included on many different websites, this of course creates a lot of important one-way backward links to my websites.

I have seen a large increase of traffic to my sites, which is partly no doubt down to this writing of articles. As a rule I try to write around seven to ten articles per week. If on one particular week I am not able to for whatever reason, I do not stress about it, I just see it as a break.

I try to make each article interesting and they are written from the heart, in my own style. Some of them can be quite funny, for example, I have written an article about dieting which has the title of, Have You Ever Seen A Fat Postman?

I try not to make each article too long as people may become bored half way through. At the same time I believe each article should not be too short as there is likely to be little value to the reader. My articles are normally anywhere between four and seven hundred words in length.

Most of my articles will give the reader some form of advice about the subject I am writing about. This advice of course, is my own personal opinion and comes from my own personal experiences.

I have received many e-mails from people who have enjoyed reading my articles and I have also had requests from other people who have asked if I would be willing to write articles for them.

I am sure if I can write a number of articles that everyone else can. Give it a go, you might surprise yourself.

Once you have written the article, you then need to submit it to some of the article directories. In my opinion these are the best, ezinearticles, articledashboard, goarticles, articlealley and searchwarp.

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