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Turn Words Into Traffic

Turn Words Into Traffic

Simple "Traffic Machine", Creates Instant Avalanche of FREE Website Traffic (...and NO, it doesn't involve Pay-Per-Click, Spam, FFA links, Banners, "Safe Lists", complicated search engine tactics, Classified Ads, or any other crazy traffic scheme!) Jim Edwards will teach you how to build your traffic machine in his bestknown ebook: 
Turn Words Into Traffic 

- guide to creating traffic and customers from article writing! Here we go:

  Step1: Creating Your Article 
A professional-quality article will help you not only generate traffic and sales, but also quicly establish you as an expert in the field you choose! And now, how to produce a professional-quality article is the question! Before you organise the words into an entire article, you should define 3 things, I called them "3W": 

1. Who is your audience? 

You should know which group of the people do you want to reach, Identify exactly who will have the highest interesting in your article's content and it benefits them! 

  2. What are they looking for?

Play the audience's role, think about them, what's problems do they have, what dreams do they have, what keeps them up late at night worried sick?

  3. Why you writting the article? 

You should decide in advance the outcome you want from your article! Do you want people to visit you sites? click your affilate links? subscribe to your autoresponder or buy you products? After this 3W, you now know which topic to write and how to write them out in which writting style! And then only some simple works left on your article, such as polish your article... here is step 2 now:

  Step2: Specific techniques for promoting with your article 

Now you have an article in your disk, and you want to know to convert your article into an 24/7 profit generator! You should find the ezine editors or website owners, persuade and motivate them to run your article! So how? Also here is an "2W" we should know! 

1. What do these editors or webmasters really want? 

After we found out some ezine editors or webmasters, we should know what do these people want! just like the 2nd W in step1, so we can format and fix our articles for distribution! Of course, you should know how to approach and persuade them first! 

  2. What other methods to promote ours articles? 

We can submit them to Article Announcement sites, we can promote them to Ezines directly, we can promote them by oferring free reports, also we can use many many other resourses and methods to promote our articles! Yes, you can find out many strategies never revealed before in this ebook: 

Turn Words Into Traffic

 Well, here you have it now, through these 2 steps, you complete writting and promoting you business with articles on web~ But what I talked about is just a theory, if you want to know how to do all these works in details, you should read this ebook: 

  Turn Words Into Traffic! I really recommed it~ To you Success, Good Luck!

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