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Watch your sales soar with Article Distribution

 Watch your sales soar with Article Distribution

Article writing and its distribution is a way to put your site on top in goggle, to make people know about the product faster and easier. Article submission is considered to be one of the most effective ways to promote your website on the web. 

"Content is the king of every website" I am sure you must have read this statement a number of times on the web. But the question you need to ask yourself here is whether just writing articles can help you increase the traffic of your website. Well I am afraid to say this but "No". Website promotion is not all about writing articles but also article distribution.

What exactly is Article Distribution?

If you are wondering what exactly article distribution is well you are at the right place to check this out. Article Distribution is all about submitting your articles to different article directories with a link pointing back to your website. Well now how does this help to derive more traffic to your website. The logic behind submitting your articles to article directories is simple. All you have to do is search for high Pr article directories on the web. One of the fine examples of an article submission directory is Similarly there are many like these on the web. You can find a list of such article directories by doing a search in Google with the keyword "Article Distribution" or "Article submission sites"

The article submission directories comprise of a Title, article body and a resource box. Once you register with them all you have to do is post in your article in the article body with an effective title. The resource box is specially meant to write about you i.e. the writer. However the most important feature of this resource box is that you can leave a link of your website here and invite the on lookers to view your website while they read the article you have written. The link you place in the resource box indirectly increases the back links of your website and thereby increase the traffic. 

Just submitting your article to a couple of article sites will not be as effective than submitting your article to hundreds of article directories. For instance if you write one article and submit it to 1 article directory you can expect just one back link from the article directory. However if you write one article and submit it to 100 article directories you are actually getting 100's of back links for your website.

More back links is equal to excessive website traffic which is directly equal to high sales of your product.

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