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Where To Submit Articles For Making Money Online

 Where To Submit Articles For Making Money Online

We all know, the traffic is the everything for online business. No traffic, no money. So your sole work is to drive traffic to your website. 

Submitting articles is the proven method to drive targeted traffic to your website and make money online. The advantages of submitting articles will be discussed in another article. Here we just discuss where to submit articles and how to find them for making more money online. 

You may know, there are lots of free articles directories where you can submit your articles. But we need to improve out effect to spend less time and get more result. Here are some ways to decide which directory is worth to submitting your articles.

First, you can search Google, Yahoo and MSN to find them. You just use “free articles” or something like that to search on those main search engines; you will get,,,,, on the first page of Google search. You will get and on Yahoo. You will also get and on MSN. You can find the results are not exact same. For reaching visitors as many as possible, you may need to submit your articles to those different websites.

Second, you can use Google Page Rank to check them. You know, the higher the page rank is, the more important the website is. We will get page rank of above websites:,,,,,, , and The bigger the number is, the better the website is.

Third, you can use Alexa traffic ranking to check them. Alexa is the third party to display website traffic. We will get traffic ranking of above websites:,203),,982),,,957),,896),,031),,300) ,,643) and,340,750). The less the number is, the better the website is.

Combining those three factors to consider where to submit your articles, we may get the first three websites as this: the first is, the second is and the third is Actually, these three websites are the favorites for most authors to submit their articles.

Addition one factor you may think is the whole number of articles and authors of the website. It is a factor to check how popularity the directory is. You can imagine, how the search engine like the fresh content, the more articles the website has, the more exposure the website on search engine. The result is the more exposure of your articles. And you have to admit that almost every author is the visitor himself too. The more authors the website has, the more traffic the website has.

However, if you use software to submit your articles, it will save you lots of time. And if you have lots of time, you can submit your articles to as many as directories you can find.
But it is not my interesting to focus on those topics.

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