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Which Article Directories Should I Submit My Article To?

 Which Article Directories Should I Submit My Article To?

There are an ever increasing number of article directories springing up, attemting to take advantage of the popularity that has become of writing articles as a form of website promotion. What people can be unsure of however, is which of these sites to post their article to. In this article I write about the article directories which I use.


Ezinearticles was where I posted my very first article. It seems so long ago now, where in truth it was probably only around ten months ago. This directory was recommended to me by a friend and in my opinion is certainly one of the best. Each article is reviewed before being accepted, this is not true of many of the other directories, especially the newer sites.

When you search for the title of your article a few days after it has been accepted in for example the search engine google, you are normally able to see it highly placed in the results. One of the first articles I submitted was called stuttering and its effects, this article is still placed in the top ten of google after many months.

If you are only planning on submitting your article to one directory this is the one I would advise that you use.


Many people have told me that they prefer to use goarticles when looking for an article to add to their site. For this reason alone, I always ensure that I submit my article to this directory.


The thing I like about articlealley is that they also include the article you submit to them on one or two of the sister sites. This is without you needing to do any extra work. Additional exposure is always good.


I have been advised that this directory is becoming increasingly popular and is one I should be posting my article to. The site has a page rank of six which is always a good sign.


This directory is my fifth choice in order of merit and has many interesting articles.

It is hard to know how many of these directories people should be submitting their article to. I have been given lots of different advice on this subject and have decided to come up with my own conclusion. I personally normally submit my articles to around twenty of these sites but always the five above.

These are the other article directories I use:


The one thing to remember is to only submit original content. Private label articles are becoming popular in some quarters, however I would advise to avoid these at all cost.

I hope article marketing brings you as many rewards as it has for me.

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