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Why You Should Be Syndicating Your Articles

 Why You Should Be Syndicating Your Articles

Most webmasters know that providing entertaining and informative content on their website is a good way to generate traffic and keep that traffic coming back for more. One of the easiest ways to do this is by including articles that educate people about the topic or topics that your site covers. 

For example: If you have a site that deals with pet products, your customers would likely benefit from and enjoy reading articles about pet training, pet nutrition and pet behavior. And not only will your articles be beneficial to your current customers, they may also attract more and more visitors to your website.

You see, everyday millions upon millions of people are surfing the web looking for answers. They find the answers to their questions by typing in certain keywords on search engines. The engines then point them to sites and articles that provide the information that they are looking for. If you have the information they need and if your site ranks high enough on the search engines, they could be directed to your site. But if you don’t rank high enough, they may never even make it to your site even if you have the best information on the topic.

Why? Search engines like Google rank websites according to numerous factors. Some of those factors include content and how often it is updated and how often new content is added to it, but the main thing that search engines look for are links. Simply said, the more links that you have pointing to your website, the more popular it is in Google’s eyes and the better ranking it gets on search results. 

You can add links in a variety of ways. You can manually go and add your URL to other site’s link pages or you can pay a fee and have an automated system link you to thousands of websites in the blink of an eye. One problem with these types of links, though, is that your link is listed on a page with hundreds of other links. Nobody is going to find your site this way. I mean, how many people actually look at those link pages anyway? And these types of links don’t account for much in the eyes of search engines either.

The best way that you can link to other sites is by giving them something beneficial to their customers, something that will attract customers and something that will contain a link back to your site like an article. Look at it this way, your pet product website might not rank that high on search engines, but what if you could find a site that ranks in the top 10 that deals with dog breeds. You could provide this website with articles on pet products that contain a link back to your site. Not only are you gaining customers one at a time, but you are also improving your ranking with Google with each link that you add. 

Letting other people use your articles on their website is called article syndication. Article syndication has many benefits including product awareness, attracting visitors to your site and increasing your page rank on search engines such as Google. 

· Product Awareness – Say there is someone out there who is really interested in home security and home security products. You just happen to have a site that sells home security systems. Now, each time that this person goes online to learn more about what’s new in home security, he is directed to articles distributed by your company. While he may have never clicked onto your site, he will still remember your name and the more that he sees your name connected with home security products, the more likely he will be to view you as a home security authority. Not only will this person likely purchase home security products from your site, he will probably tell his friends about you also.

· Attracting Visitors – When you catch someone’s eye with an informative article, they may want to see what else you know on the subject. By providing a link to your site in your articles, you can give people a way to search your site for other answers and articles. 

· Increasing Rank – As mentioned earlier, the amount of links that you have pointing to your site increases your rank on search engines. The more articles that you syndicate equal more links pointing to your site.

As you can see, there are many benefits to syndicating your articles. So, instead of asking yourself why you should syndicate, you should ask yourself why you’re not syndicated yet.

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