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Writing Articles – Your Style and the Effects on Your Traffic

 Writing Articles – Your Style and the Effects on Your Traffic

What should you consider when you are writing an article?  Well, it depends upon what you want to convey to your reader.  Do you want to inform, present the issues, or complain?  How do these styles of writing, and the words you use, effect your readers and your traffic?

Information for your Reader
On the Internet, the most prevalent of articles is the informative article.  Readers on the Internet connect to your article because they want to learn, or resolve an issue that they are currently facing.  The “How To” or “factual” piece should present viable facts and possible solutions to the reader. These types of articles can increase your creditability on the Internet as an Expert.  

Pro and Con Article
With this type of article you can slant the article either for or against.  Or, you can present both sides, and let your reader draw their own conclusions.  In either case, whether you are for, or against the issue, back it with facts. Why?  As always, your creditability is on the line.

To Complain
Okay, this article really isn’t a type, but one I felt I had to address.  In this case, the writer uses the article as a pulpit to express his complaints. If it is presented tastefully, you will get people to listen.  However, if it is more of an “I’m mad at the whole world” scenario – then this writing, I personally feel, should be reserved to a blog – your own. 

Example of my own experience with a complainer.
It has been my habit, to read several articles of a writer, just to get a feel for the author, and possibly see if a little of his personality may seep into the article.

Anyway, I came across this website, and read several of  this individual’s articles.  To my dismay, I found the articles that I read, biting and uninformative. I began to wonder if this person ever had anything good to say about anything, or anyone.  So to give the individual the benefit of the doubt, I read several more articles.  To my dismay, the complaining and criticism continued.  I found it distasteful, uninformative, and with all the negativity that flowed through the person’s words, it actually gave me a headache.  Needless to say, the individual lost my vote, and I clicked away.  Lesson learned--if you complain – make sure you can support your claims – and don’t do it too often, or over time you will lose your readers.

There are positive and negative ways of presenting your words to your reader.  The choice is yours as to how you want to present them (words).  But remember, the click of the mouse is still the choice of the reader.

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